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[asciidoc-wg] Greetings
  • From: Ralf Müller <Ralf.D.Mueller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2020 12:47:52 +0000
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  • Thread-topic: Greetings

Hello everybody,


Time to introduce myself.

Quite a while ago I started the open source project docToolchain which is a documentation toolchain based around AsciiDoc and Asciidoctor.

It started out as a pre-configured Gradle project which helped me to add AsciiDoc features to new projects. I still find this quite useful because I often struggle with setting up the right version of plugins together with the right options and parameters I need.

Soon some helper scripts where added which mainly export data from various sources (Slides from MS PowerPoint, Tables from MS Excel, Issues from Jira etc.) to be included from AsciiDoc and also a script which exports AsciiDoc to Confluence.

During the last years, a small but beautiful community formed around docToolchain.


I work for DB Systel GmbH, the digital partner of Deutsche Bahn (German Railway). DB Systel has long ago recognized that documentation is an important part of software development. So it is no surprise that we favor the Docs-as-Code approach with AsciiDoc at the heart of it.


My main goal for this working group is to expand the reach of AsciiDoc from the Ruby, Java and _javascript_ ecosystem to additional languages and thus all development teams.


I am looking forward to work with the AsciiDoc Working-Group to shape the future of AsciiDoc together with you!







Ralf D. Müller

Chief Architect


DB Systel GmbH

Jürgen-Ponto-Platz 1, 60329 Frankfurt a. Main

Mobil: +49 152 37409975


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