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[asciidoc-wg] Introduction

Dear all,

Let me jump on the introductions bandwagon as well.

First of all I would like to express a big "thank you" to everyone involved in Asciidoctor to get the software to where it is today. Some impressive achievements have been made over the years, thanks to the tireless effort that has been invested.

In my day-job I frequently write design documentation, migration plans, as built documents, acceptance test plans, etc for backend computer systems. My employer's tool of choice for writing these documents is MS Word.

Needless to say, this is not the most optimal tool, especially when you consider that each project requires somewhere between 4 to 12 documents. Since parts of these documents are either the same or similar it becomes quite an effort to keep sections the same across document, not to speak of layout.

About 5 years ago I set out to find a better way of doing things, exploring everything from Markdown to LaTeX, until I found Asciidoctor.

My understanding is that many users of Asciidoctor are coming from a software programming background and use it to integrate their software documentation. As you can see, my background and purpose are very different. As such I hope to be able to contribute from this different point of view.


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