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Re: [asciidoc-lang-dev] Could we create a common test suite for all implementation efforts?


I don't know which form the TCK will take. As for myself, I would push
toward a set of 2-tuple mapping an input string with a
language-independent (aka JSON) representation of the expected DOM/ASG.


James' following objection is noted, but I don't think the specification should define if sequences are lists, vectors, or dictionary/maps indexed by integers, that is too implementation specific. Nearly everything is text, so a parser is working right if it recognises "2.0", I doubt if its floating point representation is going to need to be specified for AsciiDoc purposes. Same for other types.

More important is the shape of the AST.  Again if sequences of children are implemented as a C++ std::vector, or a Lisp list should not matter.


Anyway, everything is open to discussion. So don't hesitate to share
your thoughts on the subject!

- Sylvain

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