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Re: [asciidoc-lang-dev] Could we create a common test suite for all implementation efforts?

On Mar 10, 2021, at 03:21 , Sylvain Leroux <sylvain@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't know which form the TCK will take. As for myself, I would push
toward a set of 2-tuple mapping an input string with a
language-independent (aka JSON) representation of the expected DOM/ASG.

I am largely a lurker here, with no official role, but I do feel compelled to speak up. I think this is a great idea, but I balk at the notion of JSON as a language-independent representation for information, because it is tied so strongly to the problematic native types available in _javascript_. Something more robust like EDN is what I would consider if it were my own project.

While you may have no need for the distinction between (sequential) lists and (indexed) vectors, or between symbols and keywords, having actual integers and floating point values of various precisions is helpful, and a built-in compact representation of sets is quite nice as well. Built-in extensions for timestamps and UUIDs have come in handy, and the ability to extend further in custom directions while still being overall parseable and reconstructable by an implementation which lacks those extensions is a nice future-proofing touch. The list of recommended implementations has grown since I last looked, as well.



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