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Re: [asciidoc-lang-dev] Markup for nested blocks


*This _is* invalid_

With the version of asciidoctor installed on my computer, this produces:

  <emphasis role="strong">This <emphasis>
  </emphasis> invalid</emphasis>

But I don't think we should officialize such behavior. Or should we?

Except the output is for:

*This _is_ invalid*

Reorganising the writer's input markup doesn't seem to be the thing to have a spec require.  I would simply document overlapping markups as not legal and leave what happens as implementation defined, some may reorganise to get something that is legal in a particular output, some may give an error.

That said, there is nothing I can find in the new Asciidoctor docs that says anything about nesting of markups anyway.  I can find only one example involving unconstrained markup but no rules or requirements.  But maybe I'm missing something.  Anybody else find it?

The original Asciidoc Python implementation documented that overlapping quotes markups is not allowed.

PS a possible intent of the original would be *This* *_is_* _invalid_ or *This* _*is*_ _invalid_ but which?  So again it is getting complex to specify all possible combinations of such rearrangements in a spec and to require it of implementations

- Sylvain

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