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[aperi-dev] Aperi R4 planning


I'd like to start the work for planning for Aperi's R4 release. I will list here the candidate work items from our roadmap and also the 'future' work items. For each candidate, I'd like to identify an owner in this coming Monday's development meeting. I'd like the owner to be responsible for learning enough about the candidate work item to be able to propose various technical solutions to achieve it... which will ultimately turn into sizings and project plan. But for now, technical investigation is what is called for.

Now that our code is available in, this is the first time we can engage in a release planning process completely in the open -- and it's a great opportunity for interested developers who haven't been actively participating to start doing so.

The R4 items from our roadmap are:
  • SMI-S Fabric & Switch profiles (*)
  • SMI-S NAS profile
  • Unified Storage support (FC, NAS composite view)
  • Complete Eclipse RCP GUI

Items we identified as future work items -- with sufficient interest we could move some into R4:
  • IP storage support
  • SMI-S Virtual Fabric subprofile
  • BSP profile
  • Performance statistics for unified storage via SMI-S
  • Host profile
  • CLI
  • Remote install & upgrade of host agents
  • Role-based access control – finer-grained role definition and application to profiles
  • Increased support for storage virtualization (beyond inband virtualizer)
  • Application awareness

Of course we are free to re-evaluate these lists. If there is sufficient interest in the community, the roadmap can certainly be adjusted and items added (or removed). In fact I would like to propose some additional candidates:
  • Port binding
  • Improved data model for reporting

Feel free to respond with your feedback regarding this list and any changes you'd like to see (and to volunteer for an item, too!). We'll discuss this further in Monday's call.

Note: SMI-S Fabric & Switch profile support have a * next to them because this is an area where IBM has code to contribute (I'd be happy to discuss alternative implementations however).

Ted Slupesky | Eclipse Aperi Project Lead | IBM: 349-5413 | External: (503) 820-3853

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