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Re: [adoptium-pmc] Eclipse Temurin Downloads

On 29/09/2021 18:21, Paul Buck wrote:

Dear Adoptium PMC,

The Eclipse Foundation would like to add a link to download Eclipse Temurin’s compliant Java SE runtimes from the Eclipse download page [1]. As part of this, we will be doing some redesign work on the page to also ensure that Temurin is adequately highlighted on the page. We would like to let you know we’re doing this. It’s an opportunity to promote Temurin to millions of Java developers that go to that page to download the Eclipse IDE.

Great, +1 from me to this.

Further, as Adoptium is a multi-vendor, multi-distro initiative, we
feel that it would be preferable if the Temurin downloads were not
featured on the Adoptium home page.
Temurin is a vendor neutral product of the Adoptium community, so I think it would be odd for the Adoptium homepage not to feature the community's principal product - though I agree the balance is wrong at the moment, as the Adoptium homepage implies Adoptium == Temurin.

We would start by adding a link to the Adoptium landing page [2] and
when available change the link to point at the Eclipse Temurin
download page. Other options can be discussed if you have additional

+1. When the page is properly designed then I agree the Eclipse download page should link to the Temurin downloads site.

Please let us know if you have input for us.

See above :-)


Thanks … Paul

1. <>
2. <>

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