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[adoptium-pmc] Minutes of PMC meeting 2021-May-05

The Adoptium project PMC hold weekly meetings.

The minutes of the PMC meetings will be published after they have been approved as a true record.


PMC Meeting Date: 2021-May-05


1. First Eclipse Temurin release
     1. Pick a target date
     2. New Eclipse-based Jenkins infrastructure
     3. TCK status
2. AQAvit
     1. release discussion
     2. Certification discussions with Eclipse
3. Maintaining Docker images
4. Any items to bring up to WG tomorrow?
     1. Funding for Solaris machines
2. Package hosting alternatives for installers (Cloudsmith through Cloudflare)
     3. Devoxx UK marketing opportunity (from Steve Poole)


*   Severin Gehwolf (Red Hat)
*   Tim Ellison (Red Hat)
*   Shelley Lambert (Red Hat)
*   Martijn Verburg (Microsoft)
*   John Oliver (Microsoft)


* DECISION: Rebuild April PSU on existing Jenkins system. Aim to July release on new Jenkins set-up.

* DECISION: Rename the Jenkins location to to reflect that it is part of the Adoptium project.
     *   Create an issue for the rename and see what is required.
* This may not be possible depending on whether we still need to keep for any AdoptOpenJDK projects that were **not** coming across to Eclipse Adoptium. * Global Search at AdoptOpenJDK GitHub - []( * Global Search at Eclipse Adoptium GitHub - [](

*   Still waiting for TCK material, but not currently a blocker.
* Issue for creating a TCK machine is with the Eclipse infra team at the moment. * Query about triggers for nightly runs of TCK material, ok? Consensus is that’s fine. Need to ensure the tests and results remain secure on the closed server.
     *   Discussion of running a TRSS on the TCK machine too.
* Ripe area for collaboration across project members, especially on manual tests.

* Need to pick a target date - but unable to do so without sxa infra tasks knowledge.

*   DECISION: Aim to hit Milestone 1 on 26th May

*   Aqavit discussions with Eclipse
* Tim working on certification process and rights for those that successfully navigate it * Shelley working on the technical definition of the AQAVit test content, including tiers/levels (“degrees of quality”) and versions (“temporal nature of definitions”) * The process to grant the brand requires AQAvit to have a binary passed/failed decision. * The AQAvit project will define the process in a quality-focused way to ensure tests improve quality of binaries. Tests may be excluded etc. * Way to upstream fixes to tests and OpenJDK important part of AQAvit. * Docker images that are not being updated to take account of underlying OS updates.
     *   Should we be updating the old versions? Or remove them?
     *   Users may be direct linking to specific images.
* Images are obsoleted at Adoptium by publishing new releases. These are old versions. * How to indicate to users that an image is now out of date? Maybe add an “obsolete” tag. * No CQ has been created to move the dockerfile repo to Adoptium. This should still be done. Need to follow-up with George on plan for the move. * What is the migration plan for the image location? Official repo and unofficial repo rename or new? Is it part of marketplace criteria or just Temurin?
     *   Roll over to next meeting.

*   DevoxxUK marketing.
* Steve Poole asking if Adoptium wish to provide some sponsorship involvement? Will discuss in WG as it is a marketing use of funds.

*   Funding for Solaris machines
     *   Covered by Delphix sponsorship
* Budget for Solaris provider coverage? Get a number together and present to WG for approval. Absolute min in one of SPARC and Intel, but will ask for two of each to get parallelism and redundancy.

*   Package hosting alternatives
* Discussion with George and Andreas captured in a Slack thread. Now Shelley and Sxa investigating. Proposal is Cloudsmith as hosts. Artefactory not looking robust, so move to alternate at time of moving to Adoptium. * Still getting details from Cloudsmith. Will get to a concrete proposal and bring to WG when numbers are ready.
     *   Will also get second option from Packet.

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