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Re: [adoptium-pmc] Moving AdoptOpenJDK resources into Adoptium

I've added a comment to TSC/issues/205 (, and reiterating here so its well-communicated:

Apparently the reason that support repo was put into Temurin list, is for ease of transferring issues from repos within a Github organization.

This was discussed in the WG transition meeting today. There is no actual requirement to have a separate Github org for the different public projects (Adoptium/Temurin/AQAvit), so all repos can be created in an Adoptium Github organization. This will allow for easy transition of issues across all repos (and be more like what we have today... everything under AdoptOpenJDK github organization).

On Mon, Mar 8, 2021 at 9:18 AM Andreas Ahlenstorf <andreas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi again!

On Tue, Feb 16, 2021, at 21:18, Tim Ellison wrote:

> [1]

Coming back to this because two questions popped up prompted by [1]:

* Should the support repo really be moved to Temurin and not to the Adoptium org instead? Already now, the support repo handles inquiries about all our products (JDK, JMC, ...). With the addition of the marketplace, I expect that the support repo will receive (and handle) questions about marketplace products, too.
* Also there's a question whether some other repositories (namely installer and docker) should be moved to the TLP instead of Temurin because they might be an avenue for marketplace products. Dragonwell has already been added or is in the process of being added to those.

Side note: It would be great to have a redirect URL for the support repo like that we can embed in our products. We still have installations out there with outdated support URLs which cause support issues to end up in the wrong place.


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