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[4diac-dev] CSinglyLinkedList improvements

Hi again!

Since Forte moved to c++11 I'm using the new features in my PostgreSQL implementation. To be able to use std::move properly I've upgraded CSinglyLinkedList.

I would like to contribute those changes, but first I think it would make sense to know nobody else is working on this?

While I was at it, I also noticed some irregularities in the implementation. In a few places const is not used properly. I.e. CSinglyLinkedList::begin()const is returning a const Iterator - an Iterator that can only stay in one place! Instead of returning a non-const Iterator that handles const data. At some point I actually had a problem with that.

It appears that this doesn't matter for the whole Forte code, but it still should probably be fixed. On the other hand this may be a bit more work.

Now, before making any contributions, I also need to figure out first how unit testing is set up on this project.

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