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Re: [4diac-dev] Font for 4diac diagrams

Hi Alois,

I like the monospace font slightly better, as Os and zeros are better discernable, so I vote for the monospace font as default.

Best regards,

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Betreff: [4diac-dev] Font for 4diac diagrams

Dear all,

as you may have noticed in the forum and in the bug tracker [1] currently there is a discussion going on make the font used in 4diac IDE diagrams setable. As part of this discussion the question arose which font would be a good target font. Currently we are using the dialog font. Another option would be a monospace font like it is typically used in programming. For evaluation how much effort updating the font is I made a quick prototype using the default monospace font from eclipse. Find attached a screenshot with two 4diac IDE instances. The left with dialog font the left with monospace font. What do you think?

As this is a rather impacting change I'm also asking if this is something for a committer vote?

Looking forward to your comments,

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