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[4diac-dev] Postpone 1.10.0 relase for accomodating Eclipse 4.9

Hi all,

Some of you may already have noticed that more and more Linux
distributions are switching to Wayland for there graphics subsystem.
Unfortunately SWT has several issues when run on Wayland. This
currently affects Eclipse Oxygen (base for 4diac 1.9) and Eclipse
Photon (planned base for 4diac 1.10).

The Eclipse platform team is working to fix these isues and hopefully
with Eclipse 4.9 the sitation should be better. Eclipse 4.9 is
scheduled for September 19th. 

In order to improve the situation for our Linux users I would like to
propose to use Eclipse 4.9 as basis for 1.10. and in oder to give us
some testing time postpone the release from October 1st. to November

Are there any objections?


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