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Re: [4diac-dev] Reworking Deployment/Download


> > 
> > I think this should be discussed in an own thread. But I really
> > thought moving
> > the 61499 XML file will improve the situation here as the changes
> > the
> > individuals may make could be seperated by applications or
> > subapplications
> > and therefore an auto-merge is possible. Hmhm. The longer I think I
> > think
> > the problem is mapping. There unorder changes may occure. A
> > potential
> > solution could be that we sort the mapping area by applications and
> > subapplications. Then changes would occure in the same area and git
> > merging should be easier. Do you know where most conflicts happend?
> [Jose Cabral] I think the mapping will still be a problem... Maybe,
> an application file for each application, with the corresponding
> mappings in it, and another file with the devices (which won't change
> too much). The problem was mainly when someone change its
> application, it was necessary to pull and make sure not merging
> conflicts were present.

The problem with the current file structure of IEC 61499 is that the
mapped FBs are also stored in the resources of the device. With that on
every change in mapping also the device/resource content is changing. 

Therefore I really would be intereted what parts of the changes git was
able to solve by itself and what parts resulted in conflicts. To see
where changes should be added to improve the overall behavior. For
example I noticed in Latex when useing Latex such that each sentence is
placed on a separate line several people could work on different
sections of the same file and git merged nearly always without


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