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[4diac-dev] Reworking Deployment/Download

Now with the 1.9.0 release finished I think its time to look ahead and
start pondering about what we would like to have in 1.10.

One part we haven’t spent to much work on in recent releases is the
download process and the deployment console. There I several issues
that should be fixed.  With this thread I would like to start the
discussion and planing for potential improvements here. 

One thing that I think would make 4diac much easier to use if we would
better handle downloading the same resource several times (i.e., the
infamous “Invalid State”error). 

I was thinking that the on the beginning of a download the devices
should be queried on the currently running resources and if the
resource to deploy the user should be asked how to proceed. For such a
dialog I drafted a first mock up with different actions for such a

My questions on it are:
    • Is this the right approach?
    • Is there information missing in the dialog's text.
    • Is it clear that “overwrite” means that the currently running
resource will be deleted and the current config will be downloaded
    • Is a merge feasible, or would it lead to very complicated even
dangerous situations?
    • Is a cancle and a cancle all needed or only one of both?

In addition to this I also heard from several users that the switch to
the deployment console is very cumbersome and disturbs the development
flow. Therefore getting rid of it and integrating it into the system
perspective could also be a goal. Here I don’t have not really an idea
how to do this.

Looking forward to your ideas and comments,

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