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About This Project
JGit is an EDL (new-style BSD) licensed, lightweight, pure Java library implementing the Git version control system:

  • repository access routines
  • network protocols
  • core version control algorithms


JGit has very few dependencies, making it suitable for embedding in any Java application, whether or not the application is taking advantage of other Eclipse or OSGi technologies. JGit can be found within:

  • EGit, Git integration for Eclipse
  • Gerrit Code Review, a web based peer review system for Git
  • NBGit, Git Support for NetBeans
  • GitBlit, Git server for managing, viewing, and serving Git repositories
  • ... and some commercial products


  • Chris Aniszczyk (Twitter)
  • Christian Halstrick (SAP)
  • Colby Ranger (Google)
  • Dave Borowitz (Google)
  • Gunnar Wagenknecht (Ageto)
  • Jonathan Nieder (Google)
  • Kevin Sawicki (GitHub)
  • Mathias Kinzler (SAP)
  • Matthias Sohn (SAP)
  • Robin Rosenberg (Dewire)
  • Robin Stocker
  • Sasa Zivkov (SAP)
  • Shawn Pearce (Google)
  • Stefan Lay (SAP)

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