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Platform Text Component Development Resources

Platform Text Component Development Resources  
The Platform Text component consists of the following plug-ins: 
  • org.eclipse.core.filebuffers:
    - headless file buffer infrastructure
  • org.eclipse.text
    - headless text infrastructure providing a document abstraction
  • org.eclipse.jface.text
    - text viewer working on documents
    - supports additions for content assist, formatting, presentation and model reconciling as well as vertical rulers
  • org.eclipse.workbench.texteditor
    - abstract implementation of an Eclipse text editor using text viewers
  • org.eclipse.ui.editors
    - the Eclipse Default Text Editor
EclipseCon 2006 Contributions
  • "Text Editor Recipes" tutorial
    • Tutorial slides (more formats in the zip file)
    • Zip file containing the presentation, example code and other materials used in the tutorial
EclipseCon 2005 Contributions
  • Poster "Season's Text Editor Recipes"
  • Example code used in the tutorial "Contributing to Eclipse: understanding and writing plug-ins"
    • state after "Becoming an Extender"
    • state after "Becoming an Enabler"
    • state after "Getting away from being part of an IDE: RCP Application"
    • deployed stand-alone RCP application based on SDK build 3.1
EclipseCon 2004 Contributions
Splitting The Platform Text component was previously part of the Platform UI component. Originally, Platform UI had only one plugin: org.eclips.ui. In order to achieve the separation of the components, org.eclipse.ui has been split into several plug-ins. Details can be found in the announcement and the release notes of the split.
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