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Common Problems in Message Strings

  • use active voice instead of passive voice.
  • can’t –> cannot
  • may –> can
  • may not –> cannot
    • selection cannot be empty.
  • must not –> cannot
  • must be [saved] –> have to be
    • You have to save the .. (according to MS)
  • Verbs:
    • 'click' for buttons
    • 'press' for keyboard
    • 'type' for words
  • Do not end with a preposition
    • No packages to choose from -> Cannot find packages to select.
  • Ambiguity:
    • The following modified resources must be saved to continue.\n Press OK to confirm or Cancel otherwise. ->
         The following modified resources have to be saved to continue.\n Click OK to confirm or click Cancel.
    • The package must exist ->
         This package does not exist
    • If you want to proceed, please press 'Next' or 'Finish'. ->
         Click 'Next' to view the next item or 'Finish'.
    • Searches and selects the given package. ->
         Searches for and selects the package entered.
    • Control how text is automatically modified while typing ->
         Select options for automatic text modifications
    • Correct package declaration ->
         The package declaration needs to be corrected.

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