e4 Project

About e4

e4 is an incubator for community exploration of future technologies for the Eclipse Platform. The project has three principal aims:

  • Simplify the Eclipse programming model: This will reduce development and maintenance costs and enable a larger developer community to leverage the platform in their own Eclipse-based applications.
  • Enable the platform for use on emerging web-based runtime technologies: This will ensure the platform remains a compelling and viable application framework in a rapidly changing web technology landscape, and it will allow e4-based applications to leverage web technologies, while remaining insulated from specific technology choices that may quickly become obsolete.
  • Broaden participation in development of the platform: This reduces the risks associated with building on a platform largely funded from a single source. Having a large and diverse group of commercial backers, will ensure the platform remains vibrant and viable over the long term.
For more details, see the project about page.

For more information

  • Project Development
    Release plans and other information about the Eclipse Project development process.
  • Downloads
    Download stable and integration builds of e4 technology on the e4 downloads page.
  • e4 wiki
    A wealth of technical information on e4 can be found on the e4 wiki page. The wiki also provides more detailed planning information, and a variety of channels for communicating with the e4 developers.
  • e4 white paper
    The e4 white paper provides a detailed technical overview of the active areas of exploration in the e4 project at the time of the e4 0.9 technology preview release.
The June 2012 Release is Available!
Note that several e4 components graduated into the Eclipse Platform project to produce the Eclipse 4 stream of releases.
Incubation Phase