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Eclipse Project Development

Releases currently under development

See also the Eclipse Project on and the preliminary Simultaneous Release plan.

Development Process

API Resources

  • How to use the Eclipse API
    Guidelines for using Eclipse APIs to ensure that your code will keep working as Eclipse evolves.
  • Evolving Java-based APIs
    Guidelines for how to evolve Java-based APIs while maintaining compatibility with existing client code.
  • Eclipse APIs: Line in the Sand (pdf)
    The philosophy, psychology, and sociology of APIs, EclipseCON 2004 presentation by Jim des Rivieres
  • API First (pdf)
    Best practices for API development based, EclipseCON 2005 presentation by Jim des Rivieres
  • Eclipse Performance
    Poor performance is a bug and should be tested for, tracked and fixed in the same way. The Eclipse Performance page is a collection of resources and information aimed at helping plug-in developers do just that.
  • Release Engineering Build Schedule
    Schedule for Eclipse Platform nightly, integration, and milestone builds.

Historical information about past releases

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