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Editor's Note

Few people know that the Eclipse Foundation has been a partner in publicly-funded research projects since 2013. We help organizations successfully create, publish, and sustain an open source software platform, making the results of the research projects available for commercial and public exploitation

Six years ago, a few members of the Eclipse Foundation invited us to join a research project and provide our expertise in open sourcing its results. We were thrilled to accept the challenge and share our DNA with the research world. Our main contributions are:

  • Sustainability for research results (source code, documentation,...)
  • Guidance in creating and managing an open source project
  • Expertise in community building and support
  • Visibility across the Eclipse ecosystem, and interaction with the wider ecosystem
  • Open Collaboration best practices

Open sourcing a project on the Eclipse forge is a real journey for a research consortium. For newcomers, this is rarely anticipated and requires a lot of dedication, considering the other tasks that the research consortium must accomplish during the three-year duration of the project. The Eclipse team is here to support them throughout this journey.

Another major role of the Eclipse Foundation in these projects is community building for sustainability. We provide opportunities for bi-directional exchange between our research consortium members and the Eclipse community. We support consortium members in reaching our Eclipse ecosystem by using various communication channels, such as presentations, events, and this newsletter.

Obviously, research projects also bring lots of value to the Foundation. They give us the opportunity to discover and learn about innovative technologies and allow us to bring them into our ecosystem. And, because we strongly believe in project cross-fertilization, we leverage our ecosystem to include Eclipse members since the proposal phase until the project implementation phase, by inviting them to participate as members of the consortium, or in later activities such as advisory committees, user tests or workshops.

We are very proud to offer you an introduction to most of the research projects we're involved in. You will find many areas of interest such as Internet of Things with AGILE, BRAIN-IoT and BaSys projects, Development Tools with PDP4E and CROSSMINER, Modeling with AMASS and GEMOC, and Automotive and Aerospace with PANORAMA.

Behind each article, there is a whole research consortium eager to tell you more about their project. So enjoy, and get in touch for more information!

Philippe Krief - @phkrief
Research Relations Director,
Eclipse Foundation,


Eclipse BaSyx: A Middleware for Industry 4.0

BRAIN-IoT: Model-based Framework for the Development, Deployment and Management of Distributed IoT Applications

AMASS: Call for Users and Contributors

PDP4E: Leverage Eclipse Tools for GDPR Compliance

PANORAMA - Boosting Design Efficiency for Heterogeneous Systems

Select and use the right open source components with Eclipse SCAVA

A Journey Through GEMOC at Eclipse

AGILE-IoT: More Than Just Another IoT Project

New Project Proposals

  • Eclipse Cloe provides simulation middleware and simulation-engine bindings for connecting simulation engines to the "software under test"
  • Eclipse Che4z provides a lightweight hosted IDE, based on Eclipse Che, accessible via a browser for the new-age mainframe application developers.

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