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Editor's Note

The Eclipse Foundation’s community has had an amazing year! As 2019 ends, I wanted to say thank you to the many Eclipse committers, project leaders, and contributors who drive our community’s success. In this issue, we are highlighting some exciting projects that are addressing real-world challenges software developers face today.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

  • Eclipse Deeplearning4j: Adam Gibson explains how this project aims to take deep learning and AI applications out of the theoretical, academic world and into the real world where they can be applied in useful and meaningful ways across industries.
  • Eclipse Iceoryx: Michael Pöhnl looks at what this project’s innovative approach to enabling virtually limitless data transmissions at constant time means when huge volumes of data must be transferred between different parts of a system.
  • Eclipse Repairnator: Martin Monperrus introduces a bot for automated program repair and describes how it works.
  • Eclipse Steady: Henrik Plate takes an in-depth look at this code-centric approach to mitigating known vulnerabilities in open source components.
  • Eclipse SUMO: Robert Hilbrich answers key questions about this simulation tool for urban traffic modeling and analysis.

In addition to these new articles, you can find our usual lists so you can stay up to date with what we’re doing here at the Eclipse Foundation:

Finally, the Eclipse IDE 2019-12 release is now available for download! To learn what’s new with 76 contributing projects, see the 2019-12 release in action, and to get involved, head over to Congratulations and thank you to everyone who contributed to delivering another successful quarterly release on time.

We’ll be back in January with a look at projects to watch for in 2020. Watch your inbox or bookmark our newsletter page to ensure you don’t miss it. 

Happy Reading!

Thabang Mashologu



Eclipse Deeplearning4j

Eclipse SUMO

Eclipse iceoryx

Eclipse Repairnator

Eclipse Steady

New Project Proposals

  • Eclipse zenoh provides a stack that unifies data in motion, data in-use and data at rest. It carefully blends traditional pub/sub with geo-distributed storages, queries and computations, while retaining a level of time and space efficiency that is well beyond any of the mainstream stacks.
  • XML.LS implements most of the language server protocol features to provide XML editing support while also exposing extension points for 3rd party adopters to provide custom features via a plugin system.
  • The Eclipse Free BIRD Tools project aims to provide visual tooling to support the development, testing, and understanding of the artefacts produced by the European Central Banks BIRD project.
  • Eclipse SmartMDSD will focus on model-driven tooling for service-oriented and component-based robotics software development

Interested in more project activity? Read on!

New Project Releases

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