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Editor's Note

This month, the Eclipse Newsletter is all about the Internet of Things (IoT). The articles feature various Eclipse IoT projects including, Eclipse Hono, Eclipse ioFog, Eclipse Kapua, and Eclipse Vorto.

This newsletter comes at the right time because we just finalized two major Eclipse IoT initiatives: the IoT Developer Survey and the Open IoT Challenge 3.0. Find out who won the Challenge. The results for the IoT Developer Survey will be posted next month so stay tuned!

EclipseCon France will take place on June 21-22 in Toulouse, France. The Call for Papers deadline is VERY soon - March 29, 2017, 23:59 CET. Submit a talk now.

I hope to see you in sunny southern France. You can enjoy the music festival while in Toulouse!


IoT Device Abstraction with Eclipse Vorto

Discover Eclipse Vorto, an IoT project that helps compile and manage abstract device descriptions (information models).

Eclipse Hono : “Connect. Command. Control” … Even on OpenShift!

Find out how Eclipse Hono™ can solve connect, command, and control problems in the cloud side of the IoT world.

Eclipse ioFog: A Robust Security Model for IoT Interconnection

Learn about Eclipse ioFog's unique approach to providing an ecosystem for secure enterprise IoT computing and communication.

Eclipse Kapua – Open IoT Cloud Platform

What is Eclipse Kapua? A modular, integrated, and interoperable IoT cloud platform to help you manage and integrate devices and their data, while also providing a solid foundation for IoT services for any IoT application.

Eclipse Announcements

Eclipse Community News

Run Eclipse IDE on One Version of Java, but Target Another

The Eclipse IDE for Java™ Developers (and the other Java developer variants) is itself a Java application that’s used to build Java applications. That relationship can be a bit weird to wrap your brain around. Read on

New Project Proposals

  • Eclipse TEA (Tasking Engine Advanced): provide the APIs for the core concepts of tasks and task chains, as well as the execution environment(s) for those.
  • Eclipse AF4: Eclipse AF4 (AutoFOCUS4) is an IDE which targets fast and meticulous development of embedded software.
  • Eclipse sensiNact: will focus on the following technical aspects related to smart city platforms: connectivity, interoperability, data processing, and developer tooling.
  • Eclipse Ditto: provides a ready-to-use functionality to manage the state of Digital Twins. It provides access to them and mediates between the physical world and this digital representation.
  • Eclipse RedDeer: aims to help developers to write complex test scenarios that interact with application user interface quickly and effectively.
  • Eclipse IoT-Testware: support conformance, interoperability, robustness, and security testing of IoT devices and services via TTCN-3 test suites and cases.

Interested in more project activity? Read on

New Project Releases

Interested in more project release/review activity? Read on

Upcoming Eclipse Events

Eclipse events are being hosted all over the world! Get involved by attending or organizing an event. View all events.

Eclipse DemoCamp Nantes
Mar 28, 2017 | Nantes, France

IoT World 2017
May 16-18, 2017 | Santa Clara, United States

EclipseCon France 2017
Jun 21-22, 2017 | Toulouse, France

Eclipse DemoCamp Munich
Jun 28, 2017 | Nantes, France

Eclipse Summit India 2017
Jul 27-29, 2017 | Bangalore, India

Eclipse IoT Day @ Thingmonk
Sep 11, 2017 | London, UK

EclipseCon Europe 2017
Oct 24-26, 2017 | Ludwigsburg, Germany

Are you hosting an Eclipse event? Do you know about an Eclipse event happening in your community? Email us the details!

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