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3.7.0.RELEASE - Release Notes

Finally - the Steel (3.7.0) release of Virgo. Since lot's of people have been waiting for this release, some thanks are due.


Special thanks go to Violeta Georgieva for releasing Gemini Web 3.0.0 and to Olaf Otto and Dmitry Sklyut for releasing Gemini Blueprint 2.0.0 in time for Virgo 3.7.0.

Two new committers joined during this release and have made great contributions so far:
  • Daniel Marthaler (ISPIN AG) - Bundlor overhaul
  • GianMaria Romanato (Finantix) - Virgo Tooling
The Virgo committers would also like to thank the following people for their contributions:
  • Ahsen Jaffer
  • Daniel Kojic
  • Eduardo Ferna╠ündez
  • Mathilde Ffrench
  • Matt Magoffin
  • Polina Genova
  • Stefan Zugal
and all those users helping out in the forum or otherwise.


This release contains the following upgrades/changes:

  • Spring Framework 4.2.9.RELEASE
  • Gemini Blueprint 2.0.0.RELEASE
  • Gemini Web 3.0.0.RELEASE
  • Tomcat 8.5.11
  • Equinox 3.9.1 (Kepler SR2)
  • Several optimizations regarding configuration, startup scripts and the documentation

Other fixes

A list of bugs and enhancements included in the last slice (from RC01) towards the release is available here.

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