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Editor's Note

The latest annual Eclipse release train is here! This year, it's called Eclipse Oxygen (name voted for by the Eclipse Community).

The cool kid this time around is LSP, which stands for Language Server Protocol. There was so much to say about it, we decided to dedicate an entire Eclipse Newsletter to LSP last month. Read all about it thanks various technical experts who contributed 8 great articles.

There are many other new features and capabilities included in the Eclipse Oxygen Simultaneous Release. Scroll down to read about the changes and updates of debugging tools for Java developers, modeling with Eclipse Sirius 5.0.0, and graphical editing with Eclipse GEF 5.0.0. Discover what's new in the world of Linux tools, testing tools, and what's been happening in the world of PHP development in the Eclipse IDE.

For details on all the 83 projects included in the Eclipse Oxygen release, visit:

Remember to propose a talk for EclipseCon Europe 2017, taking place on Oct 24-26, in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The submission deadline is July 17.

Happy coding!

Roxanne Joncas

Eclipse Oxygen Articles

Debugging the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers

There are debugging improvements included in the latest Eclipse Java Development Tools (JDT) release. Get even better at debugging thanks to this article.

What's new in Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT) 5.0.0

Calling all PHP Devs! It was yet another productive year for the Eclipse PHP Development Tools (PDT) project. Find out what's new!

The Next Generation Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework

Newest version of GEF is now available! GEF is a framework for the development of arbitrary graphical rich-client applications, integrated into the Eclipse UI or standalone.

UX power in Eclipse Sirius 5.0.0

Based on a viewpoint approach, Eclipse Sirius is the easiest way to create your own modeling tool. Sirius 5.0.0 version brings a significant number of new features to create impressive graphical modeling tools.

What's New in Eclipse Linux Tools 6.0.0

The Linux Tools 6.0.0 release focuses on realigning with new features and APIs in Eclipse Platform so we can make next Linux Tools releases slimmer, easier to maintain and more consistent with rest of the ecosystem.

What’s new in Eclipse Jubula Oxygen

The latest version of Eclipse Jubula lets you write more complex tests using conditions and loops, and lets you conditionally skip test steps.

Eclipse Announcements

Eclipse Community News

Virtual Eclipse Community Meetup - Eclipse Oxygen Series

The Virtual Eclipse Community Meetup is hosting webinars about Eclipse Oxygen on the Eclipse Foundation's YouTube Channel. Watch the recordings on the one's that have already aired and plan to attend the upcoming meetups!

Eclipse IDE Keybindings

Always wanted to know what the default Eclipse IDE keyboard shortcuts were? Well, here you go!

You can always personalize the shortcuts to fit your needs under Preferences → General → Keys. Or use the Quick Access Toolbar Ctrl+3 or ⌘+3 and simply type keys.

Eclipse Java IDE Tips & Tricks

Here is this month's tip in action ➡
Click on the photo to view the video.

Finding a class is never easy, especially if names get complex. Open Type (Ctrl+Shift+T) supports wildcards & camel case.

Open Type (Ctrl+Shift+T)

Get more tips by following @EclipseJavaIDE, a Twitter account run by Eclipse Java IDE developers!

New Project Proposals

  • Eclipse xacc: eXtreme-scale ACCelerator programming framework (XACC), a general purpose, open programming standard, and reference implementation for accelerating classical computing with quantum acceleration in a manner that promotes language and hardware interoperability.
  • Eclipse Picasso: a free open-source web application written in Python for rendering standard visualizations useful for training convolutional neural networks.

Interested in more project activity? Read on

New Project Releases

Check out the projects that are part of the Eclipse Oxygen Simultaneous Release. Fun facts:

Upcoming Eclipse Events

Eclipse events are being hosted all over the world! Get involved by attending or organizing an event. View all events.

It's time to organize Eclipse Oxygen DemoCamps for the summer. You might be asking yourself, what is a DemoCamp and why should I care? Find out!

Eclipse DemoCamp Paderborn
Jun 27, 2017 | Paderborn, Germany

Eclipse DemoCamp Munich
Jun 28, 2017 | Munich, Germany

Eclipse DemoCamp Shenzhen
Jun 29, 2017 | Shenzhen, China

Eclipse Summit India 2017
Jul 27-29, 2017 | Bangalore, India

Eclipse DemoCamp Braunschweig
Aug 8, 2017 | Braunschweig, Germany

Eclipse DemoCamp Trondheim
Aug 24, 2017 | Trondheim, Norway

Eclipse IoT Day @ Thingmonk
Sep 11, 2017 | London, UK

EclipseCon Europe 2017
Oct 24-26, 2017 | Ludwigsburg, Germany

Are you hosting an Eclipse event? Do you know about an Eclipse event happening in your community? Email us the details!

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