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Editor's Note

The Eclipse Science Working Group was established in 2014 in order to solve the problems of making science software interoperable and interchangeable. This month, I am pleased to feature five great articles about five of the Eclipse Science projects and one plugin.

First off, learn about multi-dimensional arrays in Java with Eclipse January. Then, discover an open platform for scientific workflows called Eclipse Triquetrum. Third, devour the article about TeXlipse, a plugin for the LaTeX typesetting tool. Next, learn to visualize your data with Eclipse Integrated Computational Environment & Eclipse Advanced Visualization Platform (EAVP). Finally, develop parallel applications with the Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP).

Update: the deadline to submit your IoT solution idea for this year's Open IoT Challenge has been extented to November 30 @ 11:59 PM PT. Don't wait, there is an awesome $20,000+ prize pool up for grabs!

Now, let's science the sh*t out of this newsletter!


Multi-Dimensional Arrays in Java with Eclipse January

Who doesn't want simplified data handling and manipulation? Read on to find out how to take advantage of this technology!

Eclipse Triquetrum - An open platform for scientific workflows

This is not just your generic workflow environment, Triquetrum also deliver extensions with a focus on scientific software.

A new beginning for TeXlipse

Build and edit LaTeX documents like normal projects in the IDE and check their outcome easily with TeXlipse!

Modeling and Simulation with Eclipse ICE and EAVP

Learn all about visualizing results thanks to two Eclipse Science projects: Eclipse ICE and EAVP.

Eclipse PTP: Supporting Software Engineering for Computational Science

Eclipse PTP was the entry point for enabling the development of parallel applications using Eclipse in 2004. Many new core features have been introduced to the project since then, find out which ones!

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