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What's new in AJDT 1.4.1

Here are some of the more interesting or significant changes made to the AspectJ Development Tools since the 1.4 release (see the What's new in AJDT 1.4 page for the changes in that release).

AspectJ 5 This release of AJDT incorporates the AspectJ 1.5.3 release.
Refactoring participant When you rename a Java class, there is now an aspect rename participant that will search for and update references to that class from any aspects in the same project.

Rename type participant

Improved Binary Weaving support Prior to this release, if you had a project containing some aspects, and you added the output folder to the aspect path of another project, the advised locations would show as being advised by a binary aspect and navigation to the advice would not be possible. Also no "advises" relationships would be shown in the project containing the aspects, as the weaving took place in the other project. Now AJDT looks for these binary aspects in your workspace, and locates the corresponding source code. The appropriate relationships and markers can then be shown (for both the source and target of the advice) in the same way as for source weaving within a single project. This functionality works when either a class folder or a JAR file is added to the aspect path, so long as the containing project has a source folder containing the code for the relevant aspects.

Improve support for binary weaving

Improved AspectJ Build Properties The project properties pages for configuring a project's inpath, aspect path, and output jar have been organised into a single AspectJ Build page.

new AspectJ build properties page

There is an AspectJ Tools > Configure AspectJ Build Path... shortcut to this page, available by right-clicking on a project. It is also now possible to right-click on a JAR or ZIP file in a project and select to add it to the in-path or aspect path, or remove it.

Build Automation for AspectJ-enabled plug-ins AJDT now includes a replacement pdebuild-ant.jar file to enable the AspectJ compiler to be used by automated PDE builds. This can be found in the plug-in, along with a README.txt file containing more information.
Bug fixes List of bugs fixed in AJDT 1.4.1.

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