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[wtp-dev] Minutes of the WTP Development Status Telecon, 2005-09-01

Amy Wu, Arthur Ryman, Chris Brealey, Chuck Bridgham, Craig Salter, David Williams, Der-Ping Chou, Jeffrey Liu, John Lanuti, Kathy Chan, Kosta Komissarchik, Larry Dunnell, Lawrence Mandel, Nitin Dahyabhai, Phil Avery, Sheila Sholars, Tim Wagner

See WTP Status Telecons [1] for more information.



1. Approval of Minutes - Arthur Ryman

Are there any corrections to last week's minutes? [1]



2. Review of Open Action Items - Arthur Ryman

Refer to Bugzilla [1].

107743 nor P3 PC ryman@xxxxxxxxxx NEW [action] Arthur to establish requirements for a formal WT...

One bug found.

Arthur - There are vendor and user requirements for a WTP 0.7.1 release. Do we need any further PMC approvals?
Tim - No.
Dave - No.

[resolution] Action closed. There will be an official WTP 0.7.1 release.


3. WTP 0.7.1 Maintenance Stream - Jeffrey Liu

Jeffrey - All NL fixes are in the build. I have a list of bugs that we need to triage for inclusion in the release.  Let's review the candidate bugs now.

1. Srgjan Srepfler - Code completion for taglibs imported from an external file with <%@include file="/WEB-INF/include/tags.jsp"%>

[resolution] Approved.

2. Bob Foster - If two editors use the 2.x-compatible API, one or both doesn't work
Michael Giroux - agree
Mark - agree

David - I think we can make 0.7.1 but it requires some work. I recommend we investigate and fix if possible.
Tim - I agree that you should do the research and review the impact.
[resolution] David to investigate impact of this fix.

3. Jeffrey Liu - XSD graphical editor memory leak

Jeffrey - This is a free fix from Eclipse 3.1.1. We need to test it.
[resolution] Test the fix from Eclipse 3.1.1.

4.  Jeffrey Liu - 100% CPU for over 3 minutes opening a directory in the Navigator view with over 2000 HTML files

Jeffrey - This problem is caused by eager parsing to determine encoding.
David - I have looked at it and have an easy and safe fix. I'm waiting for Jeffrey to add the test to the performance bucket and measure it before the fix.

[resolution] Approved.
[action] Jeffrey to add the test to the bucket and measure the current performance before David fixes it.

5. Andreas Schildbach - .deployables seen in Synchronize when set to Team Ignore (which is marked as fixed but is not really fixed)

Jeffrey - This was not fixed correctly.
Chuck - There is no solution in hand.
Arthur - Why not defer this since will be eliminated in 1.0?
Chuck - I will suggest a workaround in the bug report.
[resolution] Defer.
[action] Chuck to respond to bug

6. Andreas Schildbach - Web App Libraries are dropped from the classpath on first start of Eclipse/WTP

Jeff - This occurs when using JDK 1.5.
Arthur - We should support JDK 1.5.
Tim - There is a workaround and this is normal severity.
[resolution] Defer.

7. Andreas Schildbach - Invalid character constant in EL _expression_

David - The validator gives a false positive. This is not critical. It's normal severity.
[resolution] Defer.

8. Cheng - problem about include

Phil - I haven't looked at it.
David - There is no fix in hand.
[resolution] Defer.

9. Cheng - JSP Fragments need content properties page

Jeff - This an enhancement request.
[resolution] Defer.

10.1 Jeffrey Liu - Incorrect copyright statement

10.2 Jeffrey Liu - Incorrect copyright statement

Jeffrey - There are copyright and comment errors in the source code.

Arthur - I propose that we should fix all comments in the source code for 0.7.1.

Tim - Agreed.

[resolution] Jeffrey to resolve all comment errors.

4. WTP 1.0 M8 Status - David Williams

All component leads should be prepared to discuss their milestone plans. Refer to WTP Roadmap for themes. [1]

David - We are building but the current I-build failed. We need smoke testing before declaring it at noon. There are larger changes in the works. Let's be sure this build is stable.

[action] David to send reminder to do testing on the I-build.

Lawrence - I am working on a milestone plan for Help, targetting October for translation.

Craig - No plan writen yet., Some content model and WSDL model will be APIs. had some late bugs around URI resolution. I will provide documentation on URI resolvers and end user guide on catalog and cache. The plan should be done by next week.

Chris - I have plans committed for M8, M9, M10.  They are fairly complete. There will be public APIs for frameworks, command, Web service runtimes, Web service finder, and a couple dozen bugs planned.

David -My plans are published. The focus is on rolling out APIs in small chunks, first within WTP: model manager and structured documents.

Chuck - No plan published yet. I need to work with Ted on project features. Several APIs are planned:  J2EE models for M8. I need to define a component layer and validate the data model with Chris. There are some bugs and additional function.

Larry - Just planning defect fixes for Data.

David - I have some bugs open on the model - UI split in the Data component.

Arthur - Recall that you need targetted bugs for all work items. We can then generate an accurate plan from Bugzilla

David - Naci and I have published a document on Feature definitions. I have added the dependencies.

Arthur - Layering is important for subsetting, i.e. one Feature should drag in minimal prerequites.

David - It's also important for internal management of complexity and the build.

Chris - We do have some Web service Explorer enhancements planned.


5. EclipseWorld Update - All Attendees

Arthur  - This was a good event. There were lots of other project members, e.g. from Oracle and Versant. There were some problems due to lack of network access which affected validation.

Tim - There were also some deployment problems. However the JSP editor worked well.

Lawrence - There were lots of WTP  talks - 7 or 8, and they were very well attended. Some talks had standing room only.

Tim - Yes, it was great. We met the Sybase DTP guys, and had very productive sessions working with Oracle and Versant on the EBJ 3.0 Persistence projects.

6. Other Business - Open

Tim - Bjorn has asked all projects to houseclean their Web sites. We need to archive old plans.

Arthur - Remember to only accept contributions via Bugzilla patches.

Chuck - I am working with Kosta to check in Project Features. Which component should we use?
Kosta - There are several components, UI, core, and stuff that is distributed across other components.
Arthur - Use common for now.
David - Will this be ready for M8?
Kosta - The code contribution has a full implementation of our spec except for runtimes, plus Web, EAR, and Utility features.

Arthur Ryman,
IBM Software Group, Rational Division

phone: +1-905-413-3077, TL 969-3077
assistant: +1-905-413-2411, TL 969-2411
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