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RE: [tools-pmc] Re: tools-pmc Digest, Vol 19, Issue 13

Ed said:

> Many rules is a relative term and for those of us who are poor at following

> rules it will always seem like many.  I've been around since 2002, so the

> changes seem to have happened often, though over a long period of time.

> Perhaps that's just my perception though. I've often thought I understood

> the rules only to find that I didn't, or they weren't how I remembered them.  


I’ve been a committer since 2002 as well, and those are my sentiments exactly.  While I try pretty hard to stay on top of them, I’m never confident that the rules haven’t changed out from under me.  When in doubt I sometimes turn to Bjorn, who in my opinion have been doing a great job at evolving, managing, and communicating the rules.  But I think it’s fair to say that the rule set is complex enough that no single person can stay on top of it without some checks and balances.  I tried hard to stay on top of the Incubator rules when Mylyn was in that state, and did not understand the Incubator release distinction until Mike pointed it out either (perhaps it was added after, but not knowing whether it was is part of my problem).


The following page is awesome (and it just taught me about Prominent Announcements):  


If we could end up with a collection of up to 5 pages like this, linked from an obvious place, that would be great.  The other thing that I think would really help is if I had a way of being notified of changes to the relevant documents.  What could work well is if there was something along the lines of a process-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx, and every significant rule change or amendment had a corresponding Bugzilla task, and all project leads watched that inbox.





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Don't get confused, get even :-)

No, seriously, your confusion is entirely due to my error here. My error is that I didn't know that incubators can't do releases. I probably knew once, but I forgot. So when I wrote up the diagram and the guidelines, I included incubators doing releases. And incubators have been doing releases on my say-so, apparently against the rules. Sigh.

- Bjorn

This is exactly the type of thing that sends me into fits of confusion.  If
they can't have a release, then a release review seems to be meaningless.


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