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RE: [subversive-dev] subversive with RSE problems.

Dear Bill, 

Thank you for providing additional information. Now I see that you are using
Subclipse, but not Subversive. So, please contact Subclipse team to resolve
your problem. Official Subclipse site is

Best regards,
Alexander Gurov
Subversive Team

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Subject: Re: [subversive-dev] subversive with RSE problems.

Thanks for replying Alexander,

Comments In line

Alexander Gurov wrote:
> Dear Bill,
> 1) In any case the NullPointerException do not looks like something 
> acceptable. Could you please provide some additional information?
> 	1) What Subversive version you use?
Eclipse 3.3.2 Build Id: M20080221-1800
Remote System Explorer Core 2.0.3.v20080225 SVN Team Provider Core 1.2.4
Subversion JavaHL win32 Binaries 1.2.4 SVN TeamProvider UI 1.2.4 Subclipse
Documentation  1.2.0
> 	2) What connector version is selected at
> Window->Preferences->Team->SVN->SVN Client?
There isn't a svn client option bu I am using the SVNKit SVN  interface if
thats what you meant
> 	3) Stack trace of the NPE
Strange thing: I can't get that. When I click on details the dialog dies.
Is it saved in a log file?
> 	4) Step-by-step guide how to reproduce the problem if it is posible
1) From within the Remote System Explorer Perspective, I navigate to my
project ont he external server
2) I right click on the root folder of the project and select create
external project
3) I switch to the JAVA Perspective
4) I right click on the project and goto Team -> share project
5) I select SVN and click NEXT
6) I then get the Null Pointer Error

After getting the error once, I cannot reproduce it without removing the
external project and recreating it. Otherwise, it just wont let me select
the Next button when selecting SVN.
> 2) Subversive does not handle Subversion meta-information if it is 
> placed inside a linked folders. So, if you need to make this working 
> in Subversive you have two alternatives:

> 	1) Share root project to SVN and use svn:externals property in order

> to automatically checkout external resources into the project
I'll admit, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by this. But, The only links
allowed ssh are from the local eclipse machine to remote machines containing
the repository and the working code. I'm not sure how an external link from
the svn repository to the local computer would help, but its not allowed.
> 	2) Import existing remote project into the Eclipse workspace. In
> case please note that the project should be available on the file 
> system supported by OS because Subversive uses external libraries in 
> order to connect with SVN and no one from these libraries have 
> knowledge about Eclipse virtual file systems.
This is the problem. I'd like to roll up my sleeves and fix this problem. I
didn't know where it was. Eclipse should hide any noticeable differences
between a linked folder and a real folder for the plug ins. 
So I think I need to look at the eclipse core itself. Thanks for the tip. As
you can see I'm using a couple different plug ins. Its difficult to figure
out where problems actually arise from in the code.

> If my reply is not very helpful please describe situation more precisely.
> Best regards,
> Alexander Gurov
> Subversive Team
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> Subject: [subversive-dev] subversive with RSE problems. 
> Hello list,
> I've run into a wall with subversive. Its either something I'm doing 
> incorrectly, or something that can't be done. If it can't be done, 
> consider this a feature request.  If I just royally screwed up and it 
> is possible, I apologize and would appreciate being pointed in the 
> correct direction of a solution.
> I'm trying to use subversive to connect a remote project( using rse, 
> the remote systems explorer plug in) to an existing subversion repository.
> Normally my projects contain a single folder which is linked to a 
> folder on a remote machine with rse. On the remote system, the project 
> already belongs to a repository and all of the appropriate .svn 
> directories are there. I've tried several means of connecting subversive
to the project without success.
> I've tried putting a .svn folder directly under the project folder on 
> the local system, to give subversive a clue that it was linked to 
> subversion. It appeared to work, I can go to Team->share and it does 
> some things that makes me think its working. However I can't actually 
> perform any actions with subversion after its finished. An update will 
> complain that the main branch is missing ( its on the remote system). 
> Trying to compare the files on the remote system to the last committed 
> versions in the repository doesn't work (throws a Null Pointer Exception).
> I tried creating my project as a remote project, but associating that 
> with the repository  results in another Null Pointer Exception.
> So, basically I'm wondering if its possible to use subversive with 
> rse, and if not, I think it should.
> Thanks for your time,
> Bill Newton
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