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[mihini-dev] Mihini initial contribution is available now !

Hi All,


The Mihini team is proud and happy to announce the initial code contribution to the community. This is a cross road for the team: the code contributed was initially developed internally at SierraWireless for a couple of years. After a while it became evident that this would benefit other people and that we could benefit feedback from a dynamic and growing community.


Mihini comes with a bunch of already working services and features. We have another big pile of next step ideas, but we are anxious to see how you would use it and make it become the next version of Mihini.

Download the code here (


Mihini is a versatile M2M Application Framework, offering integrated Lua APIs. More information here (


You can come and see us at ElipseCon Boston (


This initial contribution is clearly a milestone, and we hope that it will become one of a long road.





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