What is Mihini?

Eclipse Incubation egg

The Mihini project delivers an embedded runtime running on top of Linux, that exposes a high-level Lua API for building Machine-to-Machine applications.


An M2M embedded runtime on top of Linux.

Mihini has very few dependencies beyond Linux itself, and it is small: a few megabytes of storage and RAM are enough to properly run it.


Simple API for developing M2M applications

Mihini provides an API for developing M2M applications that has a very smooth learning curve.
We rely on the Lua programming language for not compromising simplicity vs. performance.


First-class integration with the underlying hardware.

Mihini is designed for integrating smoothly with cellular modems, serial port, ... and includes support for industrial protocols such as Modbus


Integration with M2M servers

In addition to being an embedded application framework for M2M development, Mihini provides an agent that enables efficient two-way communications with an M2M server to synchronize data, exchange commands, and perform remote application management.


First-class integration with Koneki tools

By using Koneki Lua Development Tools, you can benefit from advanced support in the Eclipse IDE: project management, content-assist, debugging, …

Release Packages

The release package contains source code, documentation and Lua execution environment.

You can also get Mihini by cloning the repository, and build it using this basic build tutorial.

Release Package MD5 signature SHA1 signature
0.9 Release 0.9 package 0.9 MD5 0.9 SHA1

New and Noteworthy

The new and noteworthy describes the new features added from the previous release.

New and Noteworthy 0.9


We provide an API documentation for each officially supported language (Lua and C for now).

We also generate documentation with more high level specification for Mihini agent features and Framework modules.

Lua API doc C API doc Specifications
0.9 Release 0.9 Lua API doc 0.9 C API doc 0.9 Specifications
0.10 Nightly build Nightly build Lua API doc Nightly build C API doc Nightly build Specifications

Execution Environment

We provide a Koneki Execution Environment to help developpers using our APIs with Koneki tools.

This Execution Environment will enable code completion, content assist, documentation pop-up while using Mihini APIs in Koneki LDT.

Lua Execution Environment
0.9 Release 0.9 Lua Execution Environment
0.10 Nightly build -