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[m2e-dev] please help testing m2e 1.5

I realize that m2e 1.4 has not been officially released yet but I just
pushed some rather big changes to master/1.5 branch and want to ask m2e
users to help me test them.

As I explained in the past [1], m2e requires about 1M+ of memory
for each opened workspace maven project. Although memory is cheap and
getting cheaper, using large heap results in noticeable garbage
collection overhead, which becomes apparent with very large workspaces
that require 2G+ of heap. This was getting rather annoying for my nexus
development workspace where I have 300+ projects, so I decided to rework
how m2e manages its various memory caches.

The first change I just pushed limits number of long-lived MavenProject
instances to just 5 (five). For my workspace and development
habits this reduced Eclipse heap requirements from ~2.5G to well under
1G without any noticeable side affects. This, of course, does not mean
there are no problems with this change and I'd like to see if other
users with large workspaces can give it a try and provide any feedback,
good or otherwise. As usual, installation repository URLs can be found
on m2e download page [2].



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