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[jgit-dev] GSoC 2012 Ideas

Hi guys,

I noticed that there is no section for JGit/EGit ideas [1] on this
year's edition of GSoC [2].

A proposal I have in mind is to tackle bug 365439 [3], which is about
adding new CLI commands to the o.e.jgit.pgm project and vice versa ie
translating some of the existing CLI commands/switches to JGit API.
This would make CLI tests[4] more usable, but also it would boost
development of the git console in Orion[5]. Optionally, the student
could help me speeding up work on randomized JGit tests[6]. I have a
rough draft for that but spending like 60 mins a week will take me
ages to finish :)

Since I don't have commit rights in JGit, all I can offer is
co-mentoring and reviewing eventual patches first before asking for a
second opinion of somebody with the commit rights (a second mentor).

Does it make any sense to you? Is it ok to add that proposal to the list [1]?


[4] o.e.jgit.pgm.test, added in

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