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[] Contributed flag for patches

In punishment for the sins of a past life I find myself again working on the Eclipse project IP log. Yes, I must have been a very bad person in this previous life, I know. Anyhoo, in compiling this log I was able to use a very useful script from David Williams and crew as a template. As much as it eased the burden of this horrible task, there was still considerable pain. It's not easy to look at a bug in an automated fashion and determine what patch, if any, has actually been contributed. I've entered bug as a request to add a contributed flag to patches in bugzilla. With that flag, a simple query looking for these patches can be easily massaged into a format suitable for an IP log. This flag would effectively deprecate the contributed keyword, which is not granular enough to attribute contributions correctly.

If anyone is interested in this feature your feedback/pressure on the above bug would be appreciated. Thanks!

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