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[eclipse-dev] [Announce] UFacekit component proposal

Please see for a proposal to create a new component "UFacekit" as part of the Eclipse Incubator project. Please post feedback on the eclipse.platform newsgroup; we'll later hold a more formal vote on this mailing list, asking for +1/0/-1 votes from existing Eclipse Incubator committers.

I support this proposal because I believe we need an area where we can invite other groups to contribute their technology to Eclipse and to further develop it at Eclipse. Technologies with a strong relationship to the Eclipse Platform, JDT, or PDE projects should have an opportunity to incubate close to where the more established technology is developed, i.e. as part of the Eclipse Incubator project. New components should be relatively easy to launch but hard to maintain. In the best case, components that attract adopters, contributors and committers can be moved to appropriate places in the Eclipse ecosystem as they mature. However, if interest in a technology dies off, or if no active developer community develops around a new component, it should be archived according to the Eclipse development process.

The Modeling project has had a lot of success with this approach and I suggest that we follow their example. See also their incubation subproject proposal ( and their component creation process ( They have examples of technologies that have since graduated as well as examples where components have been archived due to lack of activity.


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