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[eclipse-dev] Schedule for 3.4.1 RC3


Reminder that 3.4.1 RC3 is scheduled for END OF THIS WEEK, please find an updated schedule at http://www.eclipse.org/eclipse/development/freeze_plan_3_4_1.php.
We expect NO CHANGE at this point. If you find a show stopper, please notify ASAP the PMC (eclipse-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx).

In brief:
- Build ON DEMAND. In the event of a build request, a first build would be scheduled at Wedn 8am (OTT), the final RC3 candidate would be build on Wednesday 8pm (OTT).
- Rules: Change requests need PMC approval. Build contribution must detail the scope of changes to the releng mailing list.
- Testing: NONE PLANNED, unless significant contributions occurred. If so, then thursday would be elected for a one day test pass.

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