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[dsdp-pmc] NAB press script

Hi Doug,

Here is press script. Sorry to delaying.


Native Application Builder Project

The Native Application Builder (NAB) project creates faramework to build
a C++ and several languages GUI applications. The goal is to allow the
user to write a GUI application once and build it for many platforms
without changing the code.

Since the scope of the DSDP project is the embedded space, the NAB
project was created to bring into Eclipse the portions of the WideStudio
tool that are focused on building embedded GUI’s in C++. Conceptually,
this is similar to SWT and JFace, with the notable exception that the
NAB tool is written in C++ and designed for use in C++ applications. 

At now, we provide "NAB plug-in for MWT" as example tool. MWT is a
multi-platform GUI library that was born out of the WideStudio/MWT open
source project. MWT application can run on multiple host and embedded
platforms, such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, and several embedded real-time
operating systems. And the application builder usability is similar to
Visual Basic or Visual C++.

First milestone release (M1) on end of June have complete functionality.

- active project participants
  Fujitsu - 2 committers -  collaborate on MWT libraries

- features committed to CVS
  NAB framework (GUI builder framework for CPU native library)
  NAB plug-in for MWT
    GUI builder like Visual BASIC or Visual C++.
    running on on Window and Linux
    supprt C++ and java
    wide range target systems
      OS: Linux, Windows, WinCE, ITRON, MacOSX and etc.
      Graphics: X11, Win32, WinCE, DirectFB, Frame buffer and etc.
      CPU: x86, ARM, SH and etc.

- what features are coming next
  builder on  MacOSX
  support for python, perl, ruby
  better editor function
  better GUI parts selection

- release plans
  first mile stone release is planned on end of June

- recruiting efforts
  any participant are welcome especially GUI builder developer.
  DSDP workshop is planned at Aug 2nd.
- maybe a quotation from the project lead plugging your project
  "NAB is realy good GUI builder framework. We welcome all participants."

Shigeki Moride

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