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Re: [bpmn2-modeler-dev] ways to link bpmn files ?

Hey Cristiano,

It looks like you're using the jBPM Target Runtime extension, correct? That would be the reason why you can only import Java types - jBPM doesn't support anything else, sorry :(


Hi Bob,

many thanks for pointing the right way... it seems to be awesome !
but I couldn't find the dialog that you have used for external files.
When I click on the Imports list of the "Definitions" property tab of the canvas Property sheet, I get only java type based Imports..

take a look on the screen shot, please...

2013/12/2 Bob Brodt <bbrodt@xxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Cristiano,

The double click gesture is used to display an element's property sheet. To open the contained process, use the "Show Diagram" context menu action, like so:

FYI, you can also reference an external process (a different bpmn file) from the Call Activity like this:
From the "Definitions" property tab of the canvas Property sheet, click "+" on the "Import List" table and select the process file from the "Import Dialog" as shown here:

The imported process will then show up in the Called Activity combo box:

Now when you click the "Show Diagram" context menu button, it will open a new editor for the referenced process file.


I could note that there is a way you can move an entire sub-process into a new diagram inside the same model file.
I could note that BPMN2 changed the way reusable sub-processes is constructed. Now there is a CallActivity that should be used to reuse a sub-process.

is there a way to open the inner subprocess diagram double clicking the CallActivity ? 



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