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Re: [aspectj-users] Weaving classes in rt.jar


    Please check our paper about aspect weaving in the JDK

We are planning a binary demo release within 1 month, and an open source release in early 2009.

The underlaying instrumentation framework (FERRARI) is described here:

The framework is also used by a cross-profiler for embedded Java processors (a paper appears in CASES 2008),
 and a binary demo release can be downloaded from:



On Oct 23, 2008, at 6:33 PM, Mario Mendez-Lojo wrote:

Hi guys,

I'm trying to weave the classes in rt.jar. For instance, I would like to log every call to the method HashSet.add(). Tracking calls from client code won't
work, since there might be calls to HashSet.add() from within rt.jar.

The constraint is that I cannot weave the JDK source, generate a new rt.jar, and
prepend it to the bootclasspath.

Therefore, LTW seems to be the solution -- but I understand that AspectJ is a Java app that it has to be loaded *after* rt.jar is loaded (chicken and the egg
kind of thing).

I guess that reloading + weaving is the only possibility left -- is it possible to weave classes in rt.jar after they have been loaded ? Can you please point at
an example so I can see how that works?

Thank you very much!!!!!!!
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