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SWT Bug Triage


Early in the 3.6 planning cycle, we have decided to revamp the SWT bug triage system. Up until now, our triage consisted of directly assigning bugs to the component owners. Over time this led to each committer owning a huge number of bugs which not only gives the mistaken impression that they are actively working on solving all of those bugs but also makes it difficult for members of the community to identify which bugs are available for contribution. The Platform UI team has changed their triage process earlier in the year and we have decided to adopt their process.


The new SWT triage process is as follows:

  • Bugs come in to
  • If the bug has sufficient information in it to proceed, the person performing the triage:
    • Prepends the component area of the bug in the Summary field.
    • Prepends [GTK], [GTK3], [Win32], [Cocoa] or [Common] into the Summary field, depending on which architectures are affected by the bug.
    • Ensures that the severity level is appropriate - enhancement requests should be marked appropriately as should blocker/critical bugs.
    • Adds the primary component owner as the main QA contact.
    • Adds the secondary owner to the CC field.
    • Reassigns the bug to the box.
  • Committers assign the bugs that they are actively working on to themselves.
  • All other bugs in the triaged inbox are considered active but are not currently being worked on. These bugs are available for anyone in the community to work on.

Bug owners

If you are the main QA contact on a bug:
  • Verify that there is enough information to proceed on the bug and that the severity is accurate.
  • Blocker/critical bugs need to be fixed ASAP.
  • Regressions need to be addressed during the current development cycle (on both main and maintenance branches).
When a comment is made on a bug you are watching:
  • Respond on the bug if necessary.
  • Adjust bug priority if necessary.

SWT Component Areas

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