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Project Plan For Eclipse Nebula, version 1.0


Nebula project plan : this document is work in progress and can be updated at any time. Gallery theme is up to date.

Release Deliverables

Nebula is composed of several widget projects.

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Release Milestones

This roadmap is only an example.
Fix incubation status
1.0 release review yet to be scheduled
Since Nebula widgets are developed by individuals, community help will be necessary to keep this roadmap real.

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Target Environments

Every platform where SWT can run.


Project uses English (en) for default resource strings.

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

Until the 1.0 release, API and method may change between two milestones to better comply to SWT API.

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Themes and Priorities

Nebula : projet reorganization

The project is being reorganized to follow the incubation rules and improve efficiency.

Nebula : Core


  • Committed

    • Get nightly Nebula builds up and running [237588] (target milestone: ---)
  • Proposed

    • Update Nebula examples plugin with the latest widgets and features [268739] (target milestone: ---)
    • Webstart version of Nebula example application [268733] (target milestone: ---)

Subproject : Common Widget Toolkit

This project is at a proposal state and aim to provide a common ground for custom widgets.

Widget : Gallery

Current work focuses on a full JFace support (including Virtual style), compliance to SWT and Eclipse standards and bug fixes. A few long wanted improvements like item reordering, rectangular selection and new animations are also on the scope.

  • Committed

    • GalleryTreeViewer.handleTreeViewer() needs to detect uninitialized nodes differently than TreeViewer [244752] (target milestone: ---)
    • API Consistency with Tree for remove/clear [216209] (target milestone: ---)
    • Cleanup of DefaultGalleryItemRenderer [218104] (target milestone: ---)
    • Support SWT.VIRTUAL style in GalleryTreeViewer [224692] (target milestone: ---)
    • API to display only the first image at full size if only 1 column [266613] (target milestone: ---)
    • GalleryTreeViewer [212071] (target milestone: ---)
    • [GalleryTreeViewer] New groups added via refresh() appear collapsed [248700] (target milestone: ---)
    • Gallery: how to implement pagewise keyboard scrolling [215817] (target milestone: ---)
    • Change bundle version to match incubation status [264349] (target milestone: ---)
    • Item selection background can be visible on closed group when animations turned on [266614] (target milestone: ---)
    • [Gallery] Gallery.remove(GalleryItem item) doesn't succeed to remove an item GalleryItem from a group GalleryItem. [276435] (target milestone: ---)
  • Proposed

    • Add support for GalleryItem description field with ListItemRenderer with GalleryTreeViewer [256552] (target milestone: ---)
    • Drag and Drop inside a gallery [197131] (target milestone: ---)
    • API to set the number of columns instead of item size. [266611] (target milestone: ---)
    • API to keep the same number of columns while resizing [266612] (target milestone: ---)
    • Use animation package from Nebula CWT [266615] (target milestone: ---)
    • Block selection support [266616] (target milestone: ---)
    • [animation] global 'heartbeat' for all Animation objects [267529] (target milestone: ---)
    • Animation example [270945] (target milestone: ---)
    • Example : content creation slow down after several parameter changes [271245] (target milestone: ---)
    • Improve visible lines calculation on PAGE_UP and PAGE_DOWN [272754] (target milestone: ---)
    • Include groups in keyboard navigation [272755] (target milestone: ---)
    • Gallery widget does not NotifySelectionListeners when Selection is removed [228590] (target milestone: ---)
    • Margin issues with animation [270737] (target milestone: ---)
    • Addition of Movement [275151] (target milestone: ---)
    • [animation] Support for changing color property [267527] (target milestone: ---)
    • Mouse hover effect [267533] (target milestone: ---)
    • Gallery example need update to show latest features [268743] (target milestone: ---)
    • Group selection selects the last item of the group if not using SWT.MULTI [270736] (target milestone: ---)
    • Decorators : Wrong position for bottom left and top right decorators [270934] (target milestone: ---)
    • GalleryItem#clear() not clearing item text [272761] (target milestone: ---)
  • Deferred

    • Zooming for Gallery elements [197130] (target milestone: ---)
    • Create Check to Gallery Items [271079] (target milestone: ---)
    • Section-style Group Renderer [212303] (target milestone: ---)

Widget : Grid


  • Committed

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  • Proposed

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  • Deferred

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Table of Contents

Appendix Project Refactoring

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