Who We Are

Over the years there have been a few committers come and go, this page has the most recent list of committers, active and otherwise. Their respective status is displayed with their information. It should be noted that those with an inactive status might not reply to questions about the project.

Darin Wright

Darin is currently the CTO of Codenza and an Eclipse committer. For the better part of the last ten years, Darin has been working on IDE's such as Eclipse, VA/Micro Edition, and ENVY/Smalltalk. In a previous software development life, Darin was a project / team lead at IBM Canada and an audio software developer supporting virtual reality productions at the Banff Centre for the arts.
Status Inactive
Email darin.eclipse@gmail.com

Michael Rennie

No Picture Michael Rennie is a Platform/JDT Debug, PDE, Ant and Doc committer working with the IBM Rational team in Winnipeg, Canada. Before that he was a graduate student at the University of Manitoba, researching SOA and architecture description languages. Graduated with an MSc. Computer Science in 2004.
Status Active
Email Michael_Rennie@ca.ibm.com

Curtis Windatt

Curtis Windatt is a Platform/JDT Debug committer working for IBM Rational in Winnipeg, Canada. He is also a committer for PDE UI and contributes to other components. Curtis shares his birthday with Eclipse and prior to joining IBM was a student at the University of Manitoba.
Status Active
Email cwindatt@ca.ibm.com

Samantha Chan

No Picture Samantha Chan is a developer from IBM Debug Team. She has been working with debug technologies for 4 years.
Status Inactive
Email chanskw@ca.ibm.com

Pawel Piech

Pawel Piech is a member of the debugger team at Wind River Systems, project lead for the Device Debugging project and the newest Debug platform committer. For the last five years Pawel has been working on the debugger front end of the Wind River Workbench IDE. Graduated from Boston University with BSCE in '97.
Status Active
Email pawel.piech@windriver.com