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CME Group

CME Group, formerly known as Chicago Mercantile Exchange Holdings Inc., was founded in 1898 and operates the CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and COMEX regulatory exchanges worldwide. It is the world’s leading derivatives marketplace with 2570 full time employees and a market capitalisation of over $15B.

CME Group kindly released the following information in January 2012.

At CME Group, the goals for our project were to use and create a platform that would be easy to maintain, expand and reuse. Our applications are of various sizes and complexities, but there are certain aspects that are common, which was the reason to find a very modular solution. In particular, our current efforts are in Surveillance tools which allow monitoring the state of the exchange and the market.

We started using Virgo 2.0.1 during a “proof of concept” in November of 2010 and spent 2011 working closely with them to build the application. Today we use version 3.0.1. with 48 service bundles and 20 web bundles. These services range from simple DAO type services, through authorization and authentication, web services, and even distributed caching. All web bundles use snaps and customized apache tiles views.

What Virgo and OSGi provides for us is complete modularity and plug-and-play capability. This enables us to work more intelligently with other teams who need to build bundles independently of us where the strong isolation of services and APIs allows for a clear separation of control. We have created a core set of services that will be a platform for future projects across CME Group and are already actively building two projects on top of that platform. Having Virgo bundled with Apache’s Tomcat also helped in deciding which container to use as our projects are mostly web applications.

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