9. Developing PARs

In Virgo, applications consisting of multiple bundles can be packaged as a PAR.

To create a PAR, right-click in the Package Explorer and select NewProject… . In the dialog that opens select EclipseRTPAR Project and press Next .

In the New PAR Project dialog, ensure the Use default location option is unchecked, enter a suitable name for the project, set the location to a suitable directory, and press Next . For example, the Greenpages sample PAR project would look like this:

In the next dialog, some of the PAR properties are pre-populated. Set the Application Name and the Version as appropriate, then ensure that the Target Runtime is set to Virgo Web Server (Runtime) ... and press Next . For example:

In the next dialog, select the bundles so that they are contained in the PAR and press Finish . For example:

The PAR project is then created.