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Virgo Deliverables

The Virgo deliverables are as follows. Refer to the feature summary for a feature comparison.

Virgo Nano

Virgo Nano is a minimal core of the Virgo kernel which is designed to run relatively simple OSGi applications in a single region. Bundles can be provisioned at runtime using p2.

Virgo Nano "Full" (discontinued with 3.7.0)

Virgo Nano "Full" builds on Virgo Nano and embeds Gemini Web to provide Apache Tomcat-based servlet support. Bundles, including Web Application Bundles, can be provisioned at runtime using p2.

Virgo Kernel

Virgo kernel supports the core concepts of Virgo but is not biased towards the web, thus enabling other types of server to be created. The kernel can also be used stand-alone as a rich OSGi application platform. A server can easily be constructed by deploying suitable bundles on top of the kernel.

Virgo Server for Apache Tomcat

Virgo Server for Apache Tomcat builds on the kernel and adds Gemini Web, a web integration layer, and various supporting bundles. It supports deploying sophisticated multi-bundle web applications.

Although Virgo Server for Apache Tomcat is the proper title for the deliverable (see the Apache Tomcat legal page), there are bound to be some dangling references to Virgo Tomcat Server in places. These references should always be understood to be abbreviations for the proper title.

Virgo Jetty Server

Virgo Jetty Server is similar to Virgo Server for Apache Tomcat but embeds the Jetty servlet container instead of the embedded Apache Tomcat servlet container.

Virgo Snaps (discontinued with 3.7.3)

The Virgo snaps framework may be used to cleanly modularise the web bundles of an application. Currently, snaps only runs on Virgo Server for Apache Tomcat.

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