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PMC Minutes March 6, 2006

Attending   Regrets   Missing
Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Cliff Schmidt
John Duimovich
Ward Cunningham
Wayne Beaton

Action Items:

  • IDE for Laszlo - No follow-up with Amy yet; Ward will call again this week (held over from last week)
  • Parallel Tools Project - Cliff send email to ptp-dev addressed to Greg and will report next week (held over from previous week)
  • Higgins - Bjorn has an appointment to talk to Paul on Thursday

We reviewed the Lepido, Tools for Apache Cocoon project. As with all project reviews, we started by looking at the public evidence of the project: mailing lists, newsgroups, bugzilla, website, project plan, CVS repository, etc. We found an old-style website that had not changed since August. The newsgroup had 0 posts in February, 6 (1 thread) in January, 1 in December, 2 in November, 0 in October, etc. The mailing list has had nothing since October. The bugzilla has 7 bugs (1 fixed) and none have been commented on; the last bug was opened on September 21st.

The public appearance is that there is no user community and no developer community. The public appearance is of a moribund project. Wayne will adopt this project and contact the leads to see if there is activity that is not being made public.

Next week we will review Photran.

Current project mentors:

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