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Sponsorship FAQ

All money contributed to the Eclipse Foundation will be used to support the Eclipse Community. The Eclipse Foundation tracks the contributions made to specific initiatives and directs those funds to the respective working group to be used in driving its objectives.
No, you will not receive a charitable tax receipt for your contribution. The Eclipse Foundation is a Belgian international not-for-profit organization, and not a charitable organization, so we are unable to provide charitable tax receipts.
We currently accept credit card contributions and PayPal contributions.

Thank you for committing to make recurring contributions periodically to the Eclipse Foundation!

The only way to create an automatic recurring contribution is through PayPal. On the sponsorship page, select the amount you would like to give periodically, click sponsor. In the next box, make sure PayPal is selected and selected a sponsorship period, monthly or yearly. To confirm your sponsorship, click the sponsor button again and you will be redirected to PayPal to finalize the contribution. From then on, contributions will be made automatically monthly or yearly, depending on your selection.

To cancel your recurring sponsorship, you will have to log in to your PayPal account to terminate the recurring payment. More information is available on the PayPal FAQ page.

You are welcome to make a contribution via wire transfer.

To do so, email and we will provide you with the banking information.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept contributions via cheque at this time.

Please contact us at with all your contact information and an explanation of what you need corrected.
The Eclipse Foundation accepts Corporate sponsorships for our working groups or the Foundation itself. A company may become a corporate sponsor by making a financial contribution or an in-kind contribution of goods and services to the Eclipse Foundation.

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