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Smart Home Day @ EclipseCon Europe 2018


Another year has passed and EclipseCon Europe 2018 took place in Ludwigsburg, Germany - and with it, our second edition of a colocated Smart Home Day.

Units of Measurement with Eclipse SmartHome


A lot of functionality in a smart home setup is based on environmental conditions which until now are measured without an explicit unit. Now Eclipse SmartHome comes with full “Units of Measurement” support to make the unit part of the item state and provide automatic or specific unit conversion.

Less NPE's - Eclipse SmartHome now uses Eclipse null annotations!


NullPointerExceptions (aka NPE’s) are pretty nasty since they are RuntimeExceptions and thus developers do not immediately notice them while coding in their IDE. Hence, data-flow analyses where written that show potential accesses to null pointers before they occur at runtime. Eclipse SmartHome (ESH) decided to make use of these analyses and get rid of (some) null pointers.

Smart Home Day @ EclipseCon Europe 2017


Similar to every year since 2006, EclipseCon Europe took place at the end of October in Ludwigsburg, Germany, and it was packed with great talks and content all around the Eclipse universe.