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Release Review Documentation for 8.1

A minor release containing two enhancements that could not be released as part of the 8.0.2 release due to introduction of new API.


The code quality is high with very few outstanding bugs. A FindBugs scan and 786 unit tests run as part of every Hudson build and are kept green consistently.

API is steadily evolving and a detailed migration guide is provided with each major releases where API is changed in a breaking way.

Sapphire is rated as moderately active by Ohloh.

The following chart summarizes bugs and enhancements targeted to this release as of the last update of this document. Click through to see an updated view.


  • 2014-11-05 Final


All discussion and announcements happens on open channels.

Multiple active adopters are visible. Five of these adopters have contributed patches so far. At least one adopter (besides Oracle) has shipped software with features built using Sapphire.

Java EE Configuration Editors Project created under Web Tools Project to (in part) serve as a prominent and open source example of a complex feature built using Sapphire.

Sapphire was the first guinea pig to use HIPP and builds run continuously on every change on all active branches.


Sapphire has three committers (all from Oracle), but contributions from the broader community are readily accepted. To date, five non-Oracle developers have made contributions.

  • Konstantin Komissarchik (Oracle)
  • Ling Hao (Oracle)
  • Shenxue Zhou (Oracle)

IP Log

The project leadership verifies that the Eclipse IP policies and procedures have been followed

IP Log

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