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Check Box Group

The check box group is one of the presentation alternatives for a possible values list. This presentation has the advantage of being compact, but should only be used in cases where the set of possible values is known to always be small.

The check boxes can be arranged either horizontally or vertically.

The presentation will utilize ValueImageService and ValueLabelService, if present on the list entry's value property. The services must be attached to the value property's global service context.


  1. The property is a list property
  2. The list property has a PossibleValuesService
  3. There is exactly one possible member type
  4. The member type has exactly one property and that property is a value property
  5. The value property has @Unique annotation

Automatic Activation

This presentation does not activate automatically.

Manual Activation

The following style codes will activate this presentation as long as the applicability conditions are met.